Stay on Top of the IDA regarding iStar

It is not too late to tell the Nassau IDA that you do not support the iStar tax break.  Of the $109 million tax break, $97 million would be Long Beach School taxes and City of Long Beach taxes.  Roy Lester, Board of Ed President, believes the $109 million will be closer to $140 million because iStar’s numbers do not reflect ordinary increases.  Either way, it’s a lot of money and whatever iStar does not pay in its share of taxes, YOU pay.  (NB:  Lido residents affected by school tax, too.)

If you have not closely followed the issues, we direct you to, although you can find other information in various places on the internet and from the local civic associations.  The West End Neighbors Civic Association has done a particularly good workup on the issues.

This is not a republican or democrat or a union or non-union issue.  This is about iStar paying its FAIR SHARE OF TAXES.   Its own variance application said it would pay these taxes!  It said as long as it could build higher and denser, it was good to go!

This is larger than the iStar Superblock.  Do you think the Foundation Block (immediately west of the Superblock) will pay taxes when it develops if iStar doesn’t?  What about the lot over by Laurelton?

So, if you were not at the big hearing earlier this week that was jam-packed with union — 98% from outside LB, you  should know there appeared to be ONLY ONE LB resident (actually, she said she was from EAB) that was not union/trade rep or real estate broker or EW Howell-related (project construction company) that spoke in favor of the tax break.  EVERY OTHER LB resident that spoke against it.  Of course, loads of union — mostly from outside of LB, spoke in favor.  (Oh, yeah, Anthony Eramo also spoke in favor, but that’s a sad topic for another day….)

But you still have the opportunity to let the IDA know you oppose the tax request.

Send an email to Executive Director: Joseph Kearney —

or write a letter and mail to:

Nassau County Industrial Development Agency

Theodore Roosevelt Executive & Legislative Building

1550 Franklin Ave., Suite 235

Mineola, NY 11501

or call:

Phone: 516-571-1945

Fax: 516-571-1076

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