2015 City Council Election Results

We are disappointed in the election results. We believe Long Beach would have been better served by having at least one other new face on the City Council in addition to Anissa Moore. The Long Beach Herald, Project 11561 (Facebook) and Long Beach Matters To You (Facebook) were all of the same opinion.   More partisan folks like The Long Beach Professional Firefighters and Take Back Long Beach (both on Facebook) also sought new faces and did not break it down on party line.   Unless we misread something, Anissa Moore was supported or approved by all.  That says a lot.

Let’s look at the numbers.  The Democratic incumbents (Eramo/Torres) had a far larger decrease in their votes than the Republican challengers (in relation to the prior Republican challengers) compared to the 2013 election.

Eramo got 26% less votes this time, compared to 2013.  Torres was not up for election in 2013, but compared to the vote average of the 2013 Democrat slate, Torres did 32% worse.

The Republican challengers on average, in comparison to the average of the 2013 Republican challengers, got 12% less votes.

We also note that in the 2013 election, the new face –Anthony Eramo – got fewer votes than incumbents Mandel and Goggin.  Here, the newcomer — Anissa Moore – –received more votes than the incumbents.

There is something telling here.  Our interpretation is that residents are not happy with the incumbents and the incumbents benefited tremendously from their association with Anissa Moore. She boosted them.  There is, of course, fantastic irony in that.

Regardless, this is the Council we’ve got until the next election. While Anissa Moore will not be installed into office until January, that is not far away and we hope and trust that the incumbent administration will include her immediately.

Turning to our optimistic side, Ms. Moore’s addition is positive.  And this comes shortly after Mr. Mandel and Ms. Goggin’s request (w/ Moore) that Mr. Zapson step down.  While Mr. Torres flip-flopped and there was a very late reaction by Mr. Eramo, it seems that at least 3 of them have their heads pointed in the right direction.  Hopefully, Mr. Eramo and Mr. Torres will take stock of this election, learn something from it and take their “victories” with humility rather than arrogance. All of this will herald a better future for Long Beach.

Speaking of the future, we note the following:

Anissa Moore extensively criticised the administration insofar as listening to the residents, transparency and improper influence. We trust that Ms. Moore will both live up to her views and work with her Council colleagues to remedy these sure deficiencies.

Transparency. Put all material documents on the City website. Stop the FOIL nonsense.

Answer Resident Questions.  Sometimes reflection is needed; sometimes residents ask questions that have nothing to do with the matter at hand. We get it. We’ve been to the meetings. But there’s been an alarming trend of avoiding answering any question the councilmembers don’t like. That’s bad form. Put an end to that practice.

Important Matters Require Notice. iStar was slipped through. Items as important to the future of LB as development of the Superblock cannot be rushed through. Decisions like that will be with LB long after the Council is gone. Good form requires substantial notice and hearings. Then decisions can be made.

Ethics Law.  Put in place a revised ethics law.  Given all the unseemly shenanigans laid out in the press about, among others, Messrs. Skelos and Silver, the applicable state law must be really weak.  Long Beach should not set a lower bar.

Congratulations to the winners.  Now do what’s best for Long Beach.  You have a clean slate and today is the first day of the rest of your lives.

Finally, thank you to the unelected candidates for taking on an uphill battle from day one.

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