The September 10 Primary in Long Beach ACTUALLY MEANS SOMETHING This Year

This year’s LB primary ACTUALLY MEANS SOMETHING.  If you believe the Democrat Council Members are controlled or improperly influenced by the head of the LB Democratic Committee, this is your chance to take away that control and influence.  If you believe new Democrat blood is needed, this is your chance to make that transfusion.  These opportunities — a change within a party — are rare in Long Beach.  If important to you, this is the time.

While we believe some very good things have been done under the current team, in our view some things have not been so good and worse.  On balance, therefore, our bias is towards a shake-up.

Our more detailed views on the candidates for the general election will be posted later.

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5 Responses to The September 10 Primary in Long Beach ACTUALLY MEANS SOMETHING This Year

  1. Jay Gusler says:

    Couldn’t agree more. If we as a community fail to seize this rare opportunity to force change, then shame on us. Please – PLEASE – vote for Moore & Yolinsky, and ONLY Moore & Yolinsky, on Thursday September 10th.

  2. SVM says:

    For sake of argument let’s say the City Council did some good things. Does that give them a pass on supporting $140 million tax relief to a billion dollar company, when none of us have any tax relief? And they hid it!!!! There are no free lunches. We will be paying for istar’s share of taxes that they are not paying. And I-star is a client of the law practice of the head of the Democrat committee. Who are they working for????

  3. Who's on Third? says:

    Great journalism criticizing Eramo Torres and Adamo and not backing it up.

    • LayItBare says:

      Not sure what to make of this. If you want details about what our issues are, we said they would be forthcoming. In the meantime, we think you can get a clue both from our framing of the key issue in this brief post and our prior posts on this site.

    • Jay Gusler says:

      Speaking of great journalism, how does Newsday reporter John Asbury write that the City Council was neutral on iStar?

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