Update: The Long Beach City Council Supports I-Star’s Tax Relief Request

We have now had a chance to review the minutes of the June 3 IDA meeting at City Hall and the IDA Chairman says in his opening remarks:

“In addition, representatives of the City have stated to the Agency that the City supports the applicant’s request to the Agency for financial assistance, and in particular, supports the request for, the term of, and the specific proposed pilot payment formula as being requested by the applicant with respect to the project.” [Chairman Kearney at pgs 9-10].

Councilman Eramo is the only Council member to address the IDA and he does not address this issue but simply asks that the IDA require that the developer use union labor.

So there you have it.  The City Council has spoken. And if the statement by Kearney was incorrect, they did not correct it.  Without any explanation to the residents of this City, the City Council supported I-Star’s request to not pay over $100 million of taxes over the next 25 years.

We urge the City Council to explain itself before it’s too late or correct this understanding if it is wrong.  Either way, you owe that to the residents.

Pass this around Facebook and emails so that your resident friends know about this.

The minutes from the June 3 meeting are here:  http://www.nassauida.org/Public/Page/Files/38_Long%20Beach%20Public%20Hearing%20Minutes%206.3.15.pdf


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7 Responses to Update: The Long Beach City Council Supports I-Star’s Tax Relief Request

  1. Jay goes to Jail says:

    Why did 5mthe Republican Nassau County IDA let Al D’Mato ramble on without a time limit in the beginning of the meeting and make Councilman Eramo wait until 50 people had already spoken? Republican politrix at its worst.

  2. The Thorn says:

    Council sold out the residents. Crooks.

  3. SVM says:

    Agreed. The members of the City Council should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Lennie says:

    I hope we all know that iStar’s attorney is Zapson, the Long Beach Democratic Party boss.

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