Briefly on i-Star: Where are you City Council?

They couldn’t just put their shovels in the ground like they said they would.  Instead, they dragged their feet, found a partner and planned their next financial move — how to not pay taxes on their development.  The superblock site is an eyesore.  Some of us want to see it developed, some would rather it remain undeveloped.  Hardly a soul wanted it developed in the way proposed by i-Star and approved by the ZBA.  Yet, they got their variance, arguing that it was needed to make the development profitable.  Nothing, not-a-thing, was said about a tax abatement of over $100 million.

Our City Council members claimed the variance decision was not in their hands but the ZBA’s.  They don’t have the luxury of that buffer now.  They are responsible for managing the City’s finances.  This tax abatement DIRECTLY affects the City’s finances.  In a MAJOR way.  Our City taxes support our City services and infrastructure.  This development itself will place large demands on those services and infrastructure.  Far more than any of us do, yet we have to pay our taxes.

Where are you City Council members? Is it true you told the IDA that you supported the request?  If not, say so.  At least one of you is asking your friends, neighbors and acquaintances to help raise money for your re-election.  Where do you stand on this issue?  If you stand for the tax abatement, please explain how and why that makes sound financial sense for Long Beach.  We’re more than curious.

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9 Responses to Briefly on i-Star: Where are you City Council?

  1. SVM says:

    Agreed! Where you been?

  2. Action Now! says:

    E-mail the IDA at –

    Joseph J. Kearney
    Executive Director

    Joseph F. Foarile
    Chief Financial Officer

    Colleen Pereira
    Administrative Director

    Nicholas T. Terzulli
    Director of Business Development

  3. Jay Gusler says:

    How about we just start calling them “LieStar”? Seems more fitting; no?

  4. Jay Gusler says:

    I’m pretty optimistic that we’re looking at another upheaval in City Hall come November.

  5. The Thorn says:

    Taxes would be offset (shared) by istar. In fact, this was part of its positive case for the zoning variance. Are our City Council members for or against the tax relief request? 2 of them (Eramo and Torres) are running for reelection. What is their position? Mr. Eramo had a big fundraiser last Friday night. Was he asked that question? Did he answer it? [I have posted at SBTC but have been blocked in posting about this for unknown reasons]

    • LayItBare says:

      We invite the City Council to contact us and advise whether they have supported or do support the i-star tax relief and if so, why. And if they have not and do not, the should let us know.

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