Emergency Services Report – -Read Now

We attended the presentation by ICMA at City Hall the other night.  We found the presentation highly informative.  The materials that were the basis of the presentation are on the City’s website at http://www.longbeachny.gov/index.asp?Type=B_PR&SEC={33BD7D65-42BC-45CB-ABAB-A6E2B4FB1BFB}&DE={C7BDD150-7B62-4193-9A2F-DE28EA75296B}.  We have not yet read the materials but highly recommend that every resident read this report, as we will, before taking any positions or further positions on the current LBPFF dispute.

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8 Responses to Emergency Services Report – -Read Now

  1. Jay Gusler says:

    This Report is complete garbage. More to come. Much, much more.

    • Who's on first. says:

      Will Brian MacNamara get up to speak at the counsel meeting or is he too much of a chicken $hit to actually speak in public?

      • Marc Jones says:

        B. M. was fired for violence in the workplace. He has no skin in this game anymore. I’m sure he’ll sue, cost us taxpayers a ton of money and lose. Of course this is the type of person the union goes to bat for. An out of control nut that isn’t smart enough to not fight on his employer’s property, provoked or not. We all know better when we are at work.

      • Jay Gusler says:

        That is a seriously compelling inquiry. Even more so because it is posed anonymously. Really?

  2. freckles says:

    The report has great information about the fire department and even if it is being used to justify cuts it tells us a lot about what our fire department does well and does not and what we need.

    • Jay Gusler says:

      Not really. Check the ‘stop the lbfd layoffs’ Facebook page. If you do I think you’ll find that the information in the ICMA Report cannot be considered “great”.

      The ICMA Report pretty much craps on the leadership structure within the LBFD without clearly explaining that that leadership is comprised entirely of VOLUNTEERS. Yes, a cop, a special cop, and a building inspector currently occupy the Chiefs ranks within the LBFD. In the past we’ve had truck drivers, IT guys, carpenters, you name it. What they all have in common is that NONE has ever worked a day in their lives as a professional firefighter. But yet they are in charge of the professionals.

      Pretty bizarre; don’t you think?

  3. JetpackJoe says:

    The report’s not garbage. The report doesn’t say what the firemen want: job protection, more money, more overtime, more staffing rules to get more money. It does’t say that we can’t have better and more needed services at better cost. That is a problem for the firemen. If the city council buckles now, there will never be improvements with PD or other city departments. Residents will continue to pay a premium for a lack of services and improvements in the city.

  4. Jay Gusler says:

    Until someone is willing to offer their thoughts under their own name I’d suggest people disregard those comments. It’s just too easy fro people with hidden agenda’s to log on under a pseudonym and advance that agenda under the guise of just being a concerned citizen.

    It has been shown that the ICMA Report arrived at faulty conclusions based upon flawed data. If you don’t mind having your safety jeopardized on the basis of the ICMA’s recommendations, then you’re a fool.

    And just an FYI: there will never be “improvements” with the LBPD or other City agencies. I read your use of the word “improvements” to mean cost reductions. Dream on. Sacred cows are never slaughtered.

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