The Election – Some Congratulations and Some Thoughts

First, congratulations to Todd Kaminsky. Please deliver on your promises to LB.  And, to quote you, keep your corners square.

Second, congratulations to Corey Klein. You outhustled and outspent Ted Hommel, showing a do or die dedication to the election.  Be the fair and honest City Judge you proclaimed you would be. You have 9 years where you do not have to be some party’s puppet.  Be the judge of the people not a party.

NY State has about 14 million people that could vote, with about 11-12 million registered to vote.  Total votes in the NY Governor race – just over 300,000. 300,000!  Imagine the millions of dollars spent and the backroom promises made to get 300,000 people to vote.

We don’t know the Long Beach numbers, but our guess is that there are 15,000 or so who could vote.  Our LB elections typically get less than 50% turnout.  While that may be high in relation to major state and federal elections, that makes sense because Long Beach elections – City Council – directly impact LB residents.  At the same time, people in LB constantly complain about LB politics, yet do not vote and never go to a City Council meeting.  1,000 additional voters in a LB election can easily flip results.   And, to repeat, these elections (also school budget) directly and immediately impact you.

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4 Responses to The Election – Some Congratulations and Some Thoughts

  1. Beachguy says:

    I am out of the country for election day but always proceed to the Board of Elctions in Mineola and cast my absentee ballot.
    It’s a precious right that most people take for granted.
    Unfortunately,considering the caliber of the candidates, many people who don’t vote because they feel it’s a waste of time.
    This is particularly true in LB where there is little to differentiate the two main parties.

  2. LayItBare says:

    Beachguy — thanks for respecting your civic duty. We think the Coalition did some good things in the City in its early years and the current administration certainly started out in the right direction and still has done some good things. The problem many see is the gradual but steady growth of the backroom influencers and a sense of power and entitlement. That can only be checked through elections and activism.

  3. Marc Jones says:

    So where is the “I’ll weed out corruption” Assemblman I voted for now?
    Speak out! Demand Sheldon Silver resign. We are waiting.

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