Phallic Hydrants, Conflicts of Interest

So there was some combat going on over at SBTC concerning our “phallic looking” new fire hydrants.   A couple of voices have been attacking the hydrant as a piece of cr*p and alleging a payoff to the democrats to give the hydrant company, Sigelock, the contract.  One participant identifies donations by the hydrant company, Sigelock, to the Long Beach Democratic Committee as proof. Well it is not proof that the hydrant is a piece of cr*p, and we have no idea, but we did take a look at who has been donating to the LBDC (2013-14) and the Republican Committee (going back because not in power for few years now).

First off, a good number of people and businesses have donated to both (exs., Joyce Colletti, Fire Command, the Mooneys (CSEA head)) including some discussed below.  So there does not appear to be a preference for a party, but an effort, we gather, to purchase friendship/goodwill, access and influence.

Here are some that stand out to us, although others maybe should, and some things that come to mind as we see the names:

David Mack ($17,500).  A senior member of real estate firm Mack-Cali, he has donated to the LBDC, and he’s donated to the Republicans in the past.  We don’t know if Mack-Cali does any business in LB, but it appears that Mr. Mack holds the position of “First Deputy Police Commissioner” for LB, and it appears he donates his time in doing so (for Nassau County, too).

Skudin Surf, Cliff Skudin, NYSea ($6,000).  Substantial donations both by Skudin Surf and Cliff Skudin to the LBDC.  A review of contributions during the last tenure of the Coalition shows Skudin donations to the Republicans.  We know what the Skudins have —  a beach.  What are they paying for that beach?  Is it based on revenues?  We couldn’t find it in the adopted 2014-2015 budget.  Someone know?

Sigelock ($1500).  Is our democratic city council that cheap that they’d take a bad product for $1,500 to the LBDC over 2 years? Hmmm.

D&B Environmental, Henry Chluspa ($9,500).  Substantial donations by Company and its president.  Who’s bidding against them and for what work and what is their success rate in bidding work to LB?

Cameron Engineering ($11,000).  Same reaction and questions as with D&B Env.

Rocco Trotta ($5,500). [update/info found]  Mr. Trotta is chairman of LiRo Group/Engineers. the construction management company for the Boardwalk.  He also appears to regularly contribute to dems and repubs in Long Island.

Water Transmission, Beach Maintenance, Sanitation Dept., One West Chester Street.  These were separate donations identified by department and using a City building address. This is an odd one.  Either the reporting of the information on the forms is faulty or it would seem there might be something illegal (we don’t know) about City employees making donations in the name of their departments from their work addresses.  Any takers on the issue?

The question is what, if anything, such contributors are getting from the City in return for such contributions?  If they are a vendor to the City, how have they fared in relation to other bidders for the same work?  If they are City employees, did employees who made contributions get raises or promotions that non-contributors did not?

Do you, our readers, have some real facts that fill out the picture?  Vague references to Hewlett Harbor and Jupiter Florida are not helpful.


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2 Responses to Phallic Hydrants, Conflicts of Interest

  1. BR89 says:

    How can it be legal for the employees to be making donations in the name of their department and from the City address. It seems like the City is forcing them to make donations to the LBDC. The City and LBDC should answer your post!

  2. Beachguy says:

    I have no nformation to impart but congratulate you on raising this important issue.

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