Another Shooting in Long Beach — Where from Here?

The only facts that are public at this time are that after midnight on Friday Tyrenzo Brown was shot in the Channel Park section and he is dead.  This blog does not want to get into the details surrounding the shooting or the persons involved, but to focus on the fact that there was ANOTHER shooting in Long Beach.  ANOTHER shooting nearly on top of PD HQ.

We don’t want to dialogue about democrats and republicans and blacks/whites/section 8.

What we want is to know precisely what the Police Department and City action plan is to stop further shootings and other crimes in Channel Park?

This blog urges the City to get on top of this now and urges you, the LB resident, to contact City Hall and ask what is the plan – not just for today and next week, but the next months and years.



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4 Responses to Another Shooting in Long Beach — Where from Here?

  1. beachmom says:

    Agree and will contact Jack Schnirman. The police need to foot patrol there,

  2. Beachguy says:

    At one time there were bicycle patrols. Are they still doing that?

    There was a
    Street Crimes Unit too. Is that still operating?

    What about organizing a Neighborhood Crime Watch composed of the residents?

  3. LBBob593 says:

    Chief Tagney needs to get off his butt and actually earn the huge salary he’s getting by managing the resources he has and redeploying as is required for effectiveness. They don’t need grants for cameras or neighborhood watches. They need effective management of a police force. Listening Jack? Police Commissioner? Scott, Fran and friends?

  4. ConcernedLBmom says:

    What is the best way to contact our leaders? Email, snail mail, at a meeting? It is unacceptable that these crimes continually take place in our community right around the corner from the Police, the Rec Center, the Public Library, etc. I hate that I have to tell my children to avoid an area that is just a block away because it is unsafe.

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