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Hommel or Klein for Long Beach City Judge – Election Tuesday November 4

The last several weeks we’ve asked readers through our blog posts and we’ve also spoken to people around town trying to get opinions and insights into the candidates and the intrigue surrounding the City Judge election. We’ve read the the … Continue reading

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Phallic Hydrants, Conflicts of Interest

So there was some combat going on over at SBTC concerning our “phallic looking” new fire hydrants.   A couple of voices have been attacking the hydrant as a piece of cr*p and alleging a payoff to the democrats to … Continue reading

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About Conflicts of Interest

An article in today’s Newsday about the connections of a Huntington Town Councilman to a commercial interest got us riled about some things in Long Beach. Let’s get to it. Facts as far as we know them: The Long Beach Democratic Committee … Continue reading

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Another Another Shooting? Looking for Update

There is a rumor that there was a shooting incident on Friday afternoon, Oct 3, in LB?  Does anyone have confirmation?

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Another Shooting in Long Beach — Where from Here?

The only facts that are public at this time are that after midnight on Friday Tyrenzo Brown was shot in the Channel Park section and he is dead.  This blog does not want to get into the details surrounding the … Continue reading

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