Haberman Lawsuit, City Court Judge Primary, Klein, Nigro, Skudin

Here is a link to today’s Newsday article talking about both the suit (adding some more detail but not much) and how it is playing into the Long Beach City Court Judge race, where current Corporation Counsel Corey Klein is running in a primary against Scott Nigro.


Meanwhile, we hear rumor that Skudin Surf is paying people, or getting them connected with Corey’s campaign, to hand out “Elect Corey” flyers this weekend in advance of next Tuesday’s primary.  They supported the Coalition in a similar way before the Coalition lost its administration of the City a few years back, and were a huge supporter of the i-Star variance.  We guess that’s their right of free speech…but it does concern us when supporters have contracts with the City….

Long Beach — what a world.

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7 Responses to Haberman Lawsuit, City Court Judge Primary, Klein, Nigro, Skudin

  1. Ruth Bernstein Banschick says:

    I am an attorney living in Long Beach, and my husband is an individually-named defendant in the Haberman litigation. I am appalled that anyone would vote for Corey Klein for Judge, of all things, when he committed numerous ethical violations in his unqualified, unauthorized and conflict of interest representation of the City of Long Beach, the Zoning Board and the individual Zoning Board members, including my husband.
    Corey Klein never told my husband Stuart Banschick ANYTHING about his secret negotiations with the Habermans, and never mentioned that he signed settlement stipulations which provided, among other outrageous terms, if the Zoning Board turns down their application to build two 20-story towers on the boardwalk, that the Habermans can automatically enter judgment against the City and Zoning Board defendants, and claim damages in excess of $50 million.

    Corey Klein has no business running for Judge, of all things, in light of his obvious disregard for the law and the rules of ethics. He is not the person we want to be sitting in judgment of US!

  2. Ruth Bernstein Banschick says:

    By the way, did anyone happen to notice that Corey did not deny ANY of the allegations made against him? Hmmm…..

  3. Skeptic says:

    Ruth is working with Nigro. She should disclose that if she is attacking Corey.

  4. Magna says:

    The Skudins will stroke whoever they have to keep their sweetheart deal on our beach!

  5. LBBob593 says:

    Corey does what he is told. Jack does what he is told. Jack tells councilmen what to do. Skudins kiss butt of anyone who will help them make a fortune off our PUBLIC beach.

    • LayItBare says:

      There has been a bunch of banter on this over at SeabytheCity. The comments at SBTC ave been shut down, which we can understand. But we are happy to have the conversation continue here, as the story and the motivations continue to be a mystery.

  6. Shelly says:

    I know Ruth Bernstein and her husband Stuart, she is my neighbor and friend. She is truly an honest righteous person who is passionate about justice and ethics in Long Beach as well as the our government as a whole. I believe what she is saying about Corey Klein. We don’t need more corruption in Long Beach we had so much of this in the past with the previous administration

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